Say Howdy to Seena’s favorite horse. “Champ”. Seena and Champ have been riding together for over a month now and quite frankly I will be in big trouble when she sees I have listed him for sale. Seena once told me if I was to sell “Her Champ” that I would have to find a new place to eat. So, when you bring your trailer to pick him up, I will ask you to bring me a McCallester’s gift card so I have a place to eat supper. You can catch champ in a 35 acre field, clips, loads, bathes, no problem to worm, and really does exactly what he is supposed to do. He is a puppy on the ground and loves people. It is hard to describe a horse like this as words do not describe him accurately, so just come take him for a ride. Sorrel Gelding with a Blaze, 14.3H and 10 years old.